Here Are Three Keys to Solve Aging Skin

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Here are Three Keys to Solve Aging Skin

Aging skin can be a source of stress, but of course, it’s a natural process of life. Scientists say that 65% of aging skin is genetic, but that still gives us 35% to work on keeping your skin healthy and full of life. Here are THREE key principles Adelline thinks is a way to take care of your aging skin.

1. Does your skin look older than you feel? It’s time to take care of wrinkle zones.

Dear reader, if you are over 35, it’s time to start taking care of certain areas that young people too often ignore. The eye area, lip area, neck area, and hands all start aging before the rest of the body because these areas are always moving. That is why good eye cream is probably the first step to aging skincare. If you have never used eye cream, now is the time to start. Use a little bit around the eyes, maybe also on your forehead and at the corner of your lips. Put some ampul on your neckline, use a hand cream, and maybe even try a neck mask. These investments will pay off in the years to come. Remember, the first key to caring for aging skin is to start taking care of areas you neglected earlier.

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2. Skin feels dry and puffy? Exfoliate less, moisturize more.

Aging skin often comes with less oil production, which is good news if you were acne-prone. It also means that you should exfoliate less, and moisturize more. By keeping your skin moisturized and exfoliating less, you are slowing down the aging process. So find a better moisturizer and a favorite mask! Try several different masks, and shop around for key ingredients you like. There are many different anti-aging ingredients, and some are going to work better for you. The second key to taking care of dry skin is to exfoliate less and moisturize more.

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3. Getting more spots, blemishes, and other signs of age? Invest in some anti-aging products.

Sunlight and heat are two of the main contributors to skin aging. So you should always use sunscreen and try to stay in the shade. Carry a good, non-irritating sunblock with you at all times. Make sure to have sunblock for your body as well. Good anti-aging ampuls and collagen heavy masks can be expensive, but they do effectively reduce wrinkles and help repair skin. Another solution can be vitamins, especially Vitamin A, C, and E. The third key of taking care of aging skin is using sunscreen, vitamins, and anti-aging products.

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