Cold Weather Calls For Special Skin Care!

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Today let’s read a Korean article about winter and skincare.

The author is the head doctor at Binnara clinic, Dr. Jung Eun Kim. Writing for the Health in News, she wrote about the importance of skincare during colder seasons.

Cold air can hold less moisture, which means your skin is constantly losing water in the winter. Dry indoor heating, cold wind blasts, and rapid temperature changes do not help. Your skin becomes more sensitive, and as a result, winters can be a difficult time for skincare.

Dr. Kim talks more in detail about Keratosis pilaris, which is a skin condition that causes dry rough patches and bumps on your arms, legs, butt, and most troublingly, your cheeks. The bumps don’t generally hurt or itch, and Keratosis pilaris is a harmless and normal skin condition which “usually disappears by age 30.”

What causes Keratosis pilaris? Well, it is when too much keratin builds up in your pores. Keratin is a hardened part of the skin which protects your skin from infections and external dangers. Too simplify it a lot, (I think) it means that your skin is trying to protect itself from the dryness and the coldness, but overreacts and causes your skin to harden. It’s pretty magical stuff, if you ask me.

Regardless of how magical they are, these bumps can cause discomfort, discoloration, and other personal concerns. Dr. Kim says that there is often a genetic link for Keratosis pilaris, and that once your skin has the condition, a full recovery can be very difficult. However, treatment, and even better, prevention is possible. Here is what Dr. Kim says.

Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on. I know that the whole process can seem completely impossible at times, but remember that it is the easiest way to hurt your skin’s ability to regenerate while you sleep.

Don’t touch your face with your hands. Your face is the most sensitive part of your body; your hands are the most easily contaminated part of your body. Touching your face with your hands is therefore a bad idea. When you have acne or other trouble spots, it’s an even more terrible idea. Don’t use your hands to squeeze zits!

Don’t frequent spas and saunas. Sweating also makes your skin lose moisture. A lot of people think winter saunas are good for you (I am looking at you Finns!), but the doctor disagrees.

A camomile field on a summer day. Bring its warmth and comfort to your winter evening.

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