Here Are 3 Keys to Solve Dry Skin

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Here are 3 Keys to Solve Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a very time-consuming skin type to take care of, but don't despair if you have it, because it is also one of the most resistant to acne and breakouts. Here are THREE key principles Adelline thinks is a way to take care of your dry skin.

1. Is your cleanser drying you out? Make sure you have the right cleanser. 

Dry skin types need to find a balance between cleansing their pores and keeping a healthy layer of clear sebum. Without a layer of sebum, the skin loses moisture quickly. Eventually, the top layer of skin cells might die, and you might have issues with flaky, itchy skin. However, dry skin types have a hard time producing enough clear sebum to protect skin cells through daily cleansing sessions. That is why you need to be extra careful and take control of your cleanser and cleansing routine.

Never wash using hot water, and always use cool water to let your pores close before drying off. In the morning, use warm water and a mild cleansing water-soluble oil or cream. Don't use too much. In the evening, use warm water and a mild cleansing water-soluble oil or cream to get rid of makeup, and then use a foam cleanser to cleanse your whole face. Finding a good non-drying cleanser is the first key to taking care of dry skin.

Black Snail Foam Cleansing - Adelline

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Aloe Cleansing Milk - About Me

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Aloe Cleansing Milk (250ml)
This product is a cream cleanser smooth as silk to smoothly and easily remove makeup and impurities. It helps rebalance dry skin for the best comfort and radiance.

2. Do you know when and how to use which mask? They can really help.

Exfoliating is good for getting rid of dead cells and stimulating healthy growth, but for people with dry skin, exfoliation can scrub away too much natural oil and moisture. If you have dry skin, that is why exfoliation is not a priority. If you choose to exfoliate, you should use a good soft gel-type exfoliator and not scrub & peel types. It will help keep your pores clear without drying them out too much. Also make sure to use a mask, or even an ampul, after exfoliation, as that is the best possible time to let active ingredients and natural nutrition filter deep into your skin. You can use masks anytime you feel a bit dry. That is why the second key to taking care of dry skin is finding a good mask and using it often.

Helloskin Water Splash Sheet Mask - Jumiso

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3. Are you using the right moisturizer? Does your moisturizer have UV protection?

Sunlight can dry your skin cells out, and UV radiation can damage the skin’s ability to rejuvenate. Dry skin can be extra vulnerable to sunlight damage, so creating a light layer of sunscreen moisturizer is essential to caring for your dry skin. So, find a good day cream with UV protection. That way, you can always be protected, even when you are not using additional sunblock. Finally, drink lots of water to keep your body and skin cells hydrated. That is why the third key to dry skin type skincare is to find a moisturizer with UV protection and drink lots of water.

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