Repair Damaged Skin With Proper Care and Moisturization

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Why Acne Can Scar and Age Skin

Pimples naturally occur and usually arise when the pores of our skin and our hair follicles will become clogged with keratin, dust, oil, skin cells, and bacteria from the things we encounter day in and day out. When these pores and hair follicles become clogged, they cannot be discharged smoothly, the gunk inside accumulates and the irritation we know as acne and pimples will begin to form.  Inflamed blemishes cause the pores to swell as the amount of material inside grows and is unable to be naturally flushed away. This causes the interior of the pore or follicle to rupture and infection can set in as pus begins to form.

If the rupture it at the skin's surface, the damage is usually minor and heals quickly as the well-known white-head pimple most teens are all too familiar with forms. More serious lesions do happen; however, when the damage to the skin cells happens deeper under the epidermis, the infected material will then easily spill out into the deeper layers of the skin and destroy healthy skin tissue. Picking, popping, and squeezing pimples worsens inflammation and can force the infection deeper into the skin. All of this damage to the skin results in scar tissue as the body heals itself. The worse the infection and the more damage that was done to the skin, the worse the scaring will be, and the more you will need to use skin care products and skin care treatments to reverse this damage.


Importance of good skin care

A good daily skin care routine is critically important to repair your acne and acne scars. If you were not good at self-control and ended up picking and popping pimples then you likely have acne scars now. But there is hope and you can start reducing the risk of getting more scars and can begin to reduce the appearance of your existing scars!

  • Cleansing and hydration of the skin is important: double cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin and pores stay clean and free from dirt, oil, and bacteria. The first step is to always remove make up- no matter how tired you are or how little you put on that day! The second step is to use a facial cleansing towel or skin cleanser that won’t dry out or irritate your skin.
  • Individuals with sensitive skin may need to add in a moisturizer that is water based rather than oil based to keep up good hydration and avoid overly dry skin.
  • Serum and skincare products can be used once the fact is clean to help retain a natural balance of moisture, nutrients, and to give you clear skin.
  • Day or night creams can also help fight the effects of scaring and aging and can reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and other blemishes on your skin.  Snails can self-heal when their body is injured thanks to the mucin (slime).


The Adelline Difference

What sets our line of hydrating skin care products apart from the others is we are a line of natural skin care products is that we learn from the way nature does it. Snails can self-heal when their body is injured thanks to the mucus slime that covers their body. Using the same healing properties in our products, we proudly offer you products such as Adelline 24K Gold Snail Day Cream and Adelline 24K Gold Snail Night Cream among many others. Our acne skin care products work at brightening the skin, healing damaged caused by acne and other skin blemishes so you look and feel absolutely radiant! Try them today and see the difference for yourself and see how our products can help you with your anti-aging skin care routine!