Fructooligosaccharide as a Skincare Ingredient

Posted by Adelline Yoon on

What is Fructooligosaccharide?

Sometimes called oligofructose or oligofructan, fructo-oligo-saccharide is created by powderizing foods such as bananas, chicory root, and blue agave, and it is a common alternative to sugar. Because it passes through the body without being digested, it is a popular alternative to people who want the sweetness without the calories. 

Why is Fructooligosaccharide used in Skincare?

First of all, fructooligosaccharides help you maintain a healthy microbiome for your skin. A healthy biome is the first line of defense against harmful external stressors. That is why a healthy skincare routine is not “sanitizing” the skin completely clean of all microbes, but keeping the skin clean, hydrated, and well nutrified with prebiotic sugars such as fructooligosaccharides. Furthermore, fructooligosaccharides are also considered to be a source of antioxidants.