Noni Fruit as a Skincare Ingredient

Posted by Adelline Yoon on

What is Noni Fruit?

A Noni fruit comes from the Southeast Asian tree called the Noni tree, or Morinda citrifolia. It’s also called the “cheese fruit” tree, because the Noni fruit is famous for its “cheesy” smell. Some people even call it the “vomit fruit” tree, because it can smell very ripe and pungent when it is ripening. They weren’t widely cultivated or eaten for this reason. 

Why is Noni Fruit used in Skincare?

Traditionally, Noni fruit juices and peels were used as anti-inflammatory agents against insect stings and such. Recently, scientists have conducted studies which show that noni fruit extract and related skin care products can be effective at treating wrinkles, crow’s feet, and generally improving skin elasticity.