Pseudoalteromonas and Skincare

Posted by Adelline Yoon on

What is Pseudoalteromonas? What is Antarcticine?

Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica was isolated and characterized from a Spanish scientific expedition to Antarctica. During growth, the bacteria produced an extracellular material, a glycoprotein believed to help the bacteria retain water, adhere to surfaces, and withstand the extreme cold. This material, isolated and produced by the scientists at Lipotec, is called Antarcticine. 

Why is Pseudoalteromonas used in Skincare?

This glycoprotein protects the skin from dryness and strengthens the skin’s cohesion, thus reducing wrinkles. It stimulates the formation of collagen I and IV as well as elastin, thus restructuring the skin, which is protected under the most extreme cold conditions. The skin is perfectly protected, regenerated, and restructured; it looks smoother while the depth of wrinkles decreases.