Thermus Thermophilus as a Skincare Ingredient

Posted by Adelline Yoon on

What is Thermus Thermophilus? What is Venuceane?

Thermus Thermophlius are a type of ocean bacteria found in deep sea hydrothermal vents, under extreme conditions (over 2000m depth, 75 degree C temperature, and 200 bars pressure). This bacteria’s ability to survive and thrive in such an extreme environment has attracted scientific attention. Venuceane is a trademarked compound based on the Thermus Thermophilus designed by Cellbone Technology.


Why is Thermus Thermophilus used in Skincare?

Cellbone Technology describes their compound as based on a “biotechnical product obtained from the culture of Thermus Thermophilus”. It is a heat-activated strong antioxidant, and it has been found especially effective at UV protection and detoxification. That is why this ingredient is used in anti-pollution and sunscreen products. Finally, the ingredient is also said to enhance the suppleness and elasticity of skin.