How can you help your skin without shopping?

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There are a lot of products at, but some of the best ways to take care of your skin do not require special products, are simple yet effective, and can be done at home with your family and friends.

1. Protect yourself from the sun. 

Time and time again, research shows us that UV damage from sun exposure is a major cause of skin aging, cancer, and other bad things. So stay in the shade, wear a hat, etc. These are all things that don't cost anything. If you have to buy anything for your skin, however, we do recommend getting sunscreen. 

2. Live a healthy life! 

Doctors and mothers agree, eating healthy, not smoking, and exercising are the best ways to stay young and keep your skin trouble free. It's easier said than done, of course, but it doesn't cost a lot to exercise, and eating healthy is cheap if you know how to cook. Just remember, the key to healthy living is to not stress out about living healthy. 

3. Treat your skin gently. 

Your skin requires a healthy layer of natural oils to maintain balance. So try not to upset your skin. In practice, it means you want to avoid long hot showers (keep it warm, not hot), scrubbing too hard, shaving too close and often, using strong soap, etc. Your skin is not like a plastic surface that needs to be scrubbed at high temperature with a strong soap, instead, treat it like the living thing that it is. 

4. Don't hate your skin. 

Skin troubles can be really troublesome, and sometimes they can stress you out. It can even make you angry at your own skin. That might lead to you squeezing, popping, and otherwise fighting your own skin. It's often a much better idea to change something in the environment! Maybe it's the soap, or a food item. Maybe it's a lack of sleep or proper cleansing. Did you start using new makeup? Skin trouble can sometimes take longer, so think back and investigate, don't hate your skin. 

5. Change some habits. 

Skin troubles are caused by so many different reasons. It might be the way you touch your face or the way you tie your hair. It might be the last thing you do at night. It could be the towel or pillowcase you are using. Touch your face less, wash your hands more. Wash your face and use a new towel. Lay a clean towel over your pillow before going to bed. These are small things you can do. One trick might work or not, but together, these changes create a healthier environment for your skin. 

These are some ways to keep your skin young and healthy without buying anything. 

It's hard to live so healthy and well in the so-called real world, and that is why we buy and sell products, but we want to remind you: It's possible to have good skin without buying expensive products. 

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