Why should you buy this item on myAdelline? Because we sell good Korean skincare products at great value!

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There are lots of online stores. They are all the same, right? So why should you shop at myAdelline.com? Well, there are three reasons, and we think at least one will convince you.

We have the best prices on the internet for Korean beauty products.

We know this because we work directly with manufacturers and often have exclusive agreements. Also, we are constantly looking at the prices of our products online to match and beat the cheapest prices out there. If you ever find a better deal for any of our products, we will send you a gift card to make up the difference. Long story short, when you shop at myAdelline, you know you are getting the best value for your money. These are good Korean skincare products.

We are professionals at direct shipping Korean products to global market.

Long before we opened myAdelline, we were shipping Korean goods to markets all over the world. We have partners in Europe, US, and Asia, and a history of excellent logistics and customer support. That is why we can offer free/cheap shipping all over the world and accept returns domestically in many countries. There are a lot of direct shippers, but at myAdelline, we have over thirty years of selling Korean goods to global customers. That’s quite good, and we will continue to be a good store for Korean skincare products. 

We are a family business and will treat you like a neighborhood regular.

“We” include me, my sister, and our parents. My dad opened up a trading company over thirty years ago (before I was born), and he has always put his employees and customers first. My sister and I built this website with his help, and none of us could have done it without our mom. We have names, faces, and reputations tied to this business, and we believe in treating our customers like neighbors. This means we respect your privacy, and will NEVER sell your personal information. This means we will trust you if you have a complaint, and it means we will always try to fix our mistakes. We want to be a good store for Korean skincare products.

That is it from me, but if you are still not convinced, I will try one more time.

If you shop good Korean skincare products at myAdelline, I will buy my dog more toys.

Guess which dog is my dog?

Thank you for shopping at myAdelline.com!

Have a nice day!