Mask - [Beauugreen] Anti Wrinkle Pullulan Hydrogel Mask [28g/5pcs] - Гидрогелевые маски против морщин с экстрактом пуллулана - Adelline Beauty

Anti Wrinkle Pullulan Hydrogel Mask (28g/5pcs)

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BeauuGreen Hydrogel Mask Sheet: A gel type water-soluble mask pack full of high-quality essence
Concentrated, high-quality essence which responds to skin temperature and absorbs deeply in the skin, and the active ingredient is absorbed deep into the skin in response to skin temperature, giving nutrition, hydration, elasticity, and a soothing effect. Perfect adhesion, anti-wrinkle.

• The natural vegetable polymer gel delivers active ingredients and nutrients deep into the skin.
• The active ingredients of the gel react to the skin temperature, allowing you to see them get absorbed into the skin.
• The strong adhesiveness of the gel makes it convenient to use.
• Unlike conventional sheets, the gel prevents active ingredients from evaporating, retaining them for a long time.
• The concentrated water-soluble essence gel melts in water at 60ºC or warmer. You can reuse it as ampoule.

How to use
1) Prepare skin with toner after cleansing.
2) Take out mask from pouch and remove films on both sides of mask.
3) Lay the film-removed sides of mask over the face and set in place, smoothing out from eye and lip areas.
4) Leave on for 30-40 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining essence until it is fully absorbed.