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Super Lifting Skin Corset Mask Ampul (100ml)

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Doctorcos Super Lifting Skin Corset Mask: Non Abrasive Face Lifting, Saggy Skin, Improve Skin Elasticity.

Daily self skin care Improvement for your face
-Skin elasticity improvement
-Saggy skin lifting improvement
-Eyelid elasticity Improvement
-Multi skin layer firming Improvement
-Smile line Lifting improvement

Tightening of 11 Muscle to Improve Skin
1. Forehead: Tightening Forehead to Lift Eye area
2. Eye Area: Achieve bigger eyes by lifting eye lid and muscles around the eye
3. Nose Area: Lift Lip and Cheek
4. Chin & Neck: Eliminate Double Chin Lift your Aging and Sagging Double Chin
5. Recover your V-line Regardless of Age, Improved your V-line

Skin Corset - Use with Sheet Mask, Fill up Cream, Ampul, and Silicone Mask for Best Effect

How to Use
After cleaning, sooth your face with Ampul. Use with mask and fill-up cream for best effect.