Mask - [Sferangs] Collagen Recharging Pack [100ml] - Питательная крем-маска с коллагеном [100ml] - Adelline Beauty

Collagen Recharging Pack (100ml)

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Nourishing and brightening pack for immediate action on rough and dull skin.
The pack recovers facial color roughened and darkened by aging and lack of natural sebum turnover and brings elasticity to skin.

Sferangs Collagen Recharging products are full of collagen and intensive nourishment to nourish and moisturize dry and aging skin.

Collagen and adenosine take care of various aging phenomena together with skin elasticity. Kaolin and bentonite contained in the product bring cleanliness to face and help deep permeation of nourishment by tidying up the skin wastes and dead skins failing to make natural drop following aging.

How to use
Spread over face using brush with primary mask or separate mask after cleansing.
Wipe out after 10 minutes using lukewarm water or sponge.