Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Clearing T-Care Serum [30ml] - Сыворотка для проблемной кожи [30ml] - Adelline Beauty
Moisturizer - Clearing T-Care Serum (30ml) - ADELLINE
Moisturizer - Clearing T-Care Serum (30ml) - ADELLINE
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Clearing T-Care Serum [30ml] - Сыворотка для проблемной кожи [30ml] - Adelline Beauty
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Moisturizer - Clearing T-Care Serum (30ml) - ADELLINE
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Moisturizer - Clearing T-Care Serum (30ml) - ADELLINE

Clearing T-Care Serum (30ml)

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“Soothing & Scars serum” for oily & trouble skin

The Clearing T-Care Serum soothes troubled skin and fades trouble traces. It nurtures the skin into a moisturized, clean state, without unevenness, not only by controlling the amount of excessive sebum but also by tightening the enlarged skin pores, fading the traces of skin troubles and supplying enough moisture to the skin that tends toward moisture-deficit. This serum uses pH 5.5 salicylic acid that is optimal for oily and sensitive skin.

The Clearing T-Care Line is a product formulated to care for seborrheic and trouble-prone skin. This product brings nourishment to an oily and acne-prone skin that looks greasy due to excessive sebum and is vulnerable to bacteria. The Clearing T-Care Line transforms this skin into a trouble-free, clean and clear state by restoring the skin’s balance through sebum control. It prevents skin troubles through its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, along with opening up pores through dead skin cell care, preventing clogging of the pores with excessive dead skin cells.     

Suggested Skin Type

  1. Trouble, Dark spot due to the scars
  2. Trouble during period
  3. Red adult acne due to the stress
  4. Acne-prone skin



  • - Balance pH level
  • - Various types of acne skins
  • - Moisture-deficit, oily skin
  • - Greasy-looking skin with excessive sebum 
  • - Skin with dull complexion due to excessive dead skin cells and sebum   
  • - Trouble-prone skin or skin with traces of trouble
  • - Enlarged skin pores, inelastic pores 


      Key Ingredients

      • - Loess water: Adsorbs and purifies sebum and wastes, control excessive sebum and tightens the pores.
      • - Tea tree extract: Has 20 times more sterilizing ability than alcohol, serving as a natural remedy for acne.
      • - Hyssopus officinalis extract: Is a Swiss organic ingredient, which has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action and cools and soothes the skin with a sense of refreshment.
      • - Aloe vera gel extract A powerful moisturizing, relieve inflammation, relieve sensitive skin due to the trouble.
      • - Plant stem cell conditioned media Contains stem cell conditioned media of plants such as aloe barbadensis, bambusa vulgaris, and chrysanthemum indicum, promoting quick skin regeneration.


        Clinically Tested

        Completed a four week clinical test conducted by Dermapro Co., Ltd., a KFDA-authorized agency  In the four-week clinical test conducted by Dermapro Co., Ltd., this product has been acknowledged as “stable” in the safety assessment section, demonstrating that it has shown no trouble or problems to the skin. When applied for two weeks, whiteheads and blackheads of test subjects were reduced. When applied for four weeks, overall acne condition was improved and the amount of excessive sebum secretion, which may cause acne, was also under better control. 

        How to use

        1. After performing Gentle mousse foam Cleanser and clearing t-care toner.
        2. Apply evenly to face and neck.
        3. Use before t-clearing cream.

        All ingredients

        Purified water, butylene glycol, ocher pulp water, sodium hyaluronate, ethanol, glycerin, glyceryl acrylate / acrylic acid comonomer, propylene glycol, PVM / MA comonomer, PEG / PPG-18 / 4 copolymer, 1, dinucleic acid diol, methylgluses-20, hydrolyzed collagen, arginine, carbomer, aloe vera leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, lotus aspen water, persimmon flower extract, guarana fruit extract, Asian Palm Extract, Allatoin, Panthenol, Betaine, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Disodium IDT, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Hydrogenetirescitin, SH-Oligopeptide-1, Ginseng Extract, Green tea extract, honey, Youngsil extract, gardenia extract, golden extract, mineral fruit extract, triticale extract, purslane extract, balsam extract, ethanol extract, hyssop extract, brelia extract, aloe vera callus culture extract, mung bean Four culture extracts, echil haeksil glycerin,  fragrance