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Mask - [Adelline] Gold Snail Eyepatch [1g x 5 pairs] - Патчи для кожи век с муцином улитки - Adelline Beauty

Gold Snail Eye Patch [1g x 5 pairs]

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Gold hydrogel eye patch provides elasticity to tired eyes. This mask contains gold and snail secretion filtrate that are effective for lifting, firming, and reducing wrinkles.
Adelline Snail Hydrogel Eye patch also contains birch sap and beta-glucan reacts to the skin temperature and soaks into dry, powerless eyes to moisturize and revitalize the skin.

  1. Clean your skin with toner after cleansing.
  2. Open the pouch and remove the transparent film from the patch.
  3.  Put a smooth surface under your eyes.
  4. Remove the patch after 10-15 minutes.

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