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Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch (90g/60pcs)

Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch (90g/60pcs)

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Beauugreen Hydrogel Eye Patch is a spot-specific product, which provides nourishment and moisture to the sensitive eye rims.

-The natural vegetable polymer gel delivers active ingredients and nutrients deep into the skin.
-The active ingredients of the gel react to the skin temperature, allowing you to see them get absorbed into the skin.
-Unlike conventional sheets, the gel prevents active ingredients from evaporating, retaining them for a long time.
-The concentrated water-soluble essence gel melts in water at 60ºC or warmer. You can reuse it as ampul.

Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch contains extract of pomegranate, which is rich in isoflavones, offering powerful anti-oxidant, revitalizing and clarifying effects for skin.

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