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Cleanser - Brightening Pineapple Skin Pulling (200ml) - ADELLINE
Mask - [Doctorcos] Brightening Pineapple Skin Pulling - Пилинговая пенка для умывания с экстрактом ананаса - Adelline Beauty

Brightening Pineapple Skin Pulling (200ml)


Not a typical exfoliate - Pull the dirt out, not peel the skin off!

All-in-one cleansing! Doctorcos's pineapple pulling melts the dirty proteins inside the pores and pulls them off your skin. Papaya calms your skin, and cacao moisturizes it. Use to remove makeup, for face-wash, and all around cleansing.

Active Ingredients

Pineapple - Pulls protein flakes from the skin surface and pores

Papaya - Controls sebum and skin moisture to calm skin

Cacao Extract - 50% cacao butter provides excellent moisture

Coffee Bean Extract - Pulls active oxygen and cellulose from skin

Beech Tree Cellulose - Plant ingredient to keep skin moisture high

How to Use
Spread product on skin without water, and then use warm water to wipe off face.

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