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Collagen Recharging Toner (120ml)

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Nourishing toner for fast absorption in essence-like formulation. Collagen extract and snail secretion filtrate contained in the product supply immediate nourishment to skin that tends to dry after facial wash and bring moistness and elasticity to skin.

Sferangs Collagen Recharging products are full of collagen and intensive nourishment to nourish and moisturize dry and aging skin.

The toner provides elasticity to skin by having collagen permeated deeply into skin and recovering collagen lost by external irritation and aging. EGF contained in the product acts actively for rejuvenation. Adenosine, the wrinkle-care ingredient, provides further resilience by rejuvenating cells within dermis.

How to use
Use after facial wash. Soak cosmetic cotton with the toner and gentle wipe onto face and neck.