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Crystal Youth Essential Water - 120ml


Premium water that contains the precious stem cell energy of the Saponaria Pumila, a plant which survived the ice ages

Core Ingredients and Effects

    Robust Vitality from Saponaria Pumilla Plant stem cells: Delivers the vitality of Saponaria Pumilla plants which evolved special protective mechanisms to help adapt to the extreme cold of the Alps during the ice ages.

    Resilient Beauty from advanced plant stem cell technology: Saponaria Pumilla Plant stem cells grown with PhytoCell Tech, a patented plant cell culture technology in the United States.

    Noble Fragrance with traditional elegance: Crystal Youth's signature fragrance was created by a collaboration with Argeville, a French fragrance company with a tradition of more than 100 years.

    Saffron Flower Extract: A masterpiece of royal honor and nobility.

    Desert Rose Leaf Extract: A rose which holds moisture even in desert climates.

    Apple Seed Oil: An extra special way to care for skin barrier.

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