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Moisturizer & Treatment - [About Me] Double Repair - All-in-One Fluid - Мужской Тонер регенерирующий - Adelline Beauty
Moisturizer - Double Repair - All-in-One Fluid - ADELLINE
About Me

Double Repair - All-in-One Fluid


Functional skincare all-in-one fluid for men with troubled skin

Core Ingredients and Effects

    Abyssine: Moisture energy ingredient that survives extreme deep sea conditions in the Pacific Ocean

    Venuceane: A moisture protection ingredient that survives extreme conditions to prevent skin moisture back and help care for the skin barrier

    Antarcticine: A glycoprotein found in the Antarctic Ocean that helps to hydrate skin by treating dryness

    Creatine: Energy Booster Helps Skin Care

    TDS: Transdermal Delivery System is a technology that delivers potent ingredients deep into the skin. Primarily used for patches, it helps to deliver active ingredients to the skin.

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