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Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Gold Synergy Ampul [2.5ml*20ea] - Набор ампул <Золотая синергия> [2.5ml*20 шт.] - Adelline Beauty

Gold Synergy Ampul (2.5ml*20ea)

14.807₽ 18.535₽

High nutrition “Gold Ampul”
It contains 99.9% gold bits, and it repairs aging skin and adds elasticity. Ampul also controls the skin density for a balanced elastic and bright skin.

Principle of Action
Ampul contains gold which activates metabolism and the natural skin function. Also, EGF and adenosine improve wrinkles by helping natural skin repair. The naiacinamide recharges aged skin and cleans out pigmentations.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount of the product on your face, and then gently tap on your face until the solution absorb.

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