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Moisturizer & Treatment - [Ultra V] Idebenone Cream - Крем с идебеноном - Adelline Beauty
Ultra V

Idebenone Cream (50ml)


All-in-one daily cream containing essence, lotion and cream in one

Elastic skin - Contains wrinkle improvement ingredients such as EGF, Adenosine, and Peptides to restore skin and fill it from the inside.

Clear and bright skin - The whitening ingredients of niacinamide improve blemishes and brighten tired skin.

Skin-soothing and moisturizing film - It replenishes moisture without irritating the skin and forms a natural protective film to protect the skin from harmful environment.

Featured Ingredients

  • IDEBENONE - Highly concentrated ingredient with stronger antioxidant effect than Vitamin C,E and Q10 delivers quality to your skin
  • Vitamin E - Powerful Antioxidant which has both anti-aging effects and skin-regenerative effects 
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8 - Inhibits wrinkle producing mechanisms once absorbed into the skin for anti-aging effects
  • Centella Asiatica Extract - Soothe your skin and provide nourishment to keep in clean and clear every day 

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