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Moisturizer & Treatment - [Pyunkang Yul] Acne Spot Patch Super Thin - Патчи для акне - Adelline Beauty
Moisturizer - Acne Spot Patch Super Thin (4 Sheets 10mm X 15ea) - ADELLINE
Pyunkang Yul

Acne Spot Patch Super Thin (4 Sheets 10mm X 15ea)

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Acne Spot Patch Super Thin for urgent acne care!
Don't pop your pimples, but attach acne patches to affected areas without the irritation associated with normal patches.
+ The patch maintains moisture for the skin, protecting acne regions while minimizing scars.
+ The super thin patch allows for natural, unnoticeable coverage.
+ Remarkable waterproof effects with the consistent adhesiveness.

This ingredient protects acne wounds from water, dust and bacteria. It helps the skin recover from wounds rapidly by absorbing exudation, a biologically natural healing substance. In addition, it minimizes acne scars by creating a damp environment.

The Pyunkang Yul Acne Line is a specialized acne care line developed with the proprietary recipe from the Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic.

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