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Moisturizer & Treatment - [About Me] Skin Tone Up Finish Cream (50ml) - Осветляющий крем - Adelline Beauty
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Skin Tone Up Finish Cream (50ml)

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Skincare finish cream for bright and radiant skin

Core Ingredients and Effects

Lemon Extract, Pearl Powder, Sapphire Powder, Diamond Powder, Amethyst Powder

Brilliant whitening: Naturally brightening, whitening to improve tone over time

Carefully selected brightening synergistic complex: A jewel that is made from fresh lemons and jewelry powders such as pearls, sapphires, diamonds and amethysts for a jewel-like and elegant skin tone

Moist texture spreads at your fingertips: Feel the moisturizing cream at your fingertips, cleansing and spreading evenly without pores, and primer function to enhance makeup

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