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Cleanser - [About Me] Skin Tone Up Peeling Pad (7g) - Осветляющие пилинг-диски - Adelline Beauty
About Me

Skin Tone Up Peeling Pad (7g)


Peeling pads for simple and neat care of dead skin cells and skin waste

Core Ingredients and Effects

Lemon Peel + Lemon Extract: Helps Brightening Care

Salicyclic Acid / Lactic Acid: Effective for keratin care, skin suppleness, and moisturizing

Dual Care Effect (Physical + Chemical) - Diagonal yellow mesh pad takes care of old dead skin waste and the soft embossed surface removes the residue.

Selected Brightening Synergy Complex - Lemon helps make skin clear and softly exfoliates with ingredients extracted from fruit for smooth and bright skin

Ejected waste visible to the eye - See extruded waste from the surface of the skin and pores with cellulose. Fresh disposable packaging.

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