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Mask - Snow White Water Glow Mask (110ml) - ADELLINE

Snow White Water Glow Mask (110ml)


All in One : 9 in 1 Glow Mask You Can Wear to Sleep

No need to wear sticky mask sheet any longer. Get maximum effect by applying this SHEET FREE MASK right before you sleep.

Apply Twice Daily - See Real Difference in Two Weeks!

Clinical Tests confirmed in Korea for 7 major functions
Eye Wrinkle Improvement
Dermis Tightness.
Skin Pore Improvement
All-day Moisturizing
Skin Elasticity Improvement
Skin Temperature Improvement
Less Irritating

Innovative sheet-free mask, which ontinuously moisturizes and nourishes deep into your skin. This sheet free mask is excellent for moisture, which is THE critical factor to our skin. Moisture should be treated as the most important element of keeping our skin healthy. Lack of moisture brings aged skin, rough skin, dark tone skin and so on. Even if you apply the very best nutrition cream, your skin cannot benefit if your skin lacks moisture. It's also important to maintain a steady moisture level in your skin. Now you can get full, long-term moisture benefits from DOCTORCOS Snow White Water Glow Mask. Protect your skin.

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