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Moisturizer & Treatment - [About Me] Super Aqua Intensive Cream (50ml) - Интенсивно увлажняющий крем - Adelline Beauty
About Me

Super Aqua Intensive Cream (50ml)

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How to Ingredients

Moisturizing protective cream that concentrates moisturizing nutrition and moisturizes skin

Core Ingredients and Effects

5-fold hyaluronic acid: next-generation moisturizer to help moisturize skin

Marine water pump: ingredients that help deliver moisture more effectively

Pentavitin: aka "water magnet" helps with powerful moisturizing care

Fructooligosaccharides: Moisturizers to help form a moisturizing film.

Hydration UP! Water evaporation DOWN! 4-step moisture care system that opens the moisture path to fill the skin effectively and forms a moisture barrier to maintain long-term hydration

Moist! Silky texture - Silky lotion type texture gives non-sticky absorption to make skin feel comfortable and moisturized

Skin Depth! Application of TDS patent technology that delivers moisture deep - Effectively delivers moisturizing active ingredients to skin by applying TDS patent technology of Samyang Biopharm, a life science bio company

For a long time! Application of Triple Bio Polymer to help with moisture care - Skin replenishes moisturizing ingredients to protect not only moisture but also moisture sustainability

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