Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Vita C Capsule Booster (100% Pure Vitamin C) [10ml*3ea] - Сыворотка c концентрированным витамином С в капсулах [10ml*3ea] - Adelline Beauty

Vita C Capsule Booster (10ml*3ea)

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Brightening Ampul with highly concentrated Vitamin C - No oxidation
Vita complex solution makes skin look bright and clean with a special serum which controls pigmentation such as freckles and scars.

Principle of Action
Vitamin C powder and renewal ampul are separated and mixed when you pump the product.  This is to provide you with the fresh Vitamin C without oxidation. Vitamin C is good for skin renewal and elasticity. Niacinamide is also effective at skin control, and the stem cell culture helps the vitamins be absorbed more deeply and effectively.


How to use
Apply it at serum or essence step and let skin absorb.