Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Vita C Intensive Activator (Toner) [140ml] - Тонер с насыщенным витамином С[140ml] - Adelline Beauty

Vita C Intensive Activator (140ml)

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Whitening Toner and Soft Moisturizer
This toner brings vitality and cleanliness to skin tone by softly moisturizing and
brightening without causing skin irritation

Principle of Action
Vitamin C is good for skin renewal and elasticity. Soft whitening action of lily extract takes care of the exposed pigmentation while minimizing skin irritation. Niacinamide prevents pigmentation by blocking further formation of melanin. Organic Buddleia extract protects skin from pigmentation and skin aging by preventing skin damage from UV rays.

How to use
Use after facial wash. Soak cotton pad with toner and wipe face along the texture.