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Moisturizer & Treatment - [Sferangs] Vita C Intensive Cream [50ml] - Насыщенный крем с витимином С [50ml] - Adelline Beauty

Vita C Intensive Cream (50ml)

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Whitening Toner and Soft Moisturizer
This toner brings vitality and cleanliness to skin tone by softly moisturizing and brightening without causing skin irritation

Principle of Action
Vitamin C is good for skin renewal and elasticity. Lily extract brightens even soft skin surfaces without irritation, and Niacinamide inhibits melanin synthesis, with tone brightening synergy. They also work in combination with the rich vitamins of camu camu and acai berry extract.

How to use
Spread the cream at the final step of skin care and get the content absorbed by rubbing in a massaging motion.

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